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MOA Members: Does Your Malpractice Policy Have These Common Exclusions?

It’s important to make sure the coverage by your professional liability insurance policy matches the treatment you provide. Your policy may not cover every procedure you perform, even if you are legally allowed to do so under Michigan’s scope of practice.

Malpractice insurance policies may contain exclusions that can be left open to interpretation, and policies that bundle business and liability insurance might contain a surgical exclusion. AOAExcel’s endorsed partner, Lockton Affinity, offers a complimentary policy review for MOA members to help identify this type of coverage exclusion.

Procedures associated with the following ICD-10 codes may fall within a surgical exclusion:


AOAExcel’s endorsed business partner, Lockton Affinity, offers professional liability insurance with guaranteed full scope of practice coverage and no surgical exclusions. Discounts are available to ODs in their first and second year of practice, and group practices with 2 ODs or more. Receive an instant quote, or call Lockton’s dedicated customer service line for AOA members at 1 (888) 343-1998. This line is staffed by a team of live representatives from the moment your call is answered, Monday thru Friday from 8am to 7pm EST.

To learn more about the coverage available through Lockton Affinity and AOAExcel, visit If you’re locked into your current policy, schedule a reminder about Lockton’s professional liability insurance closer to your current policy’s expiration date.

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