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Five reasons to become a member of the MOA & AOA:

  1. ADVOCACY - Ensure your voice is heard.

    We are stronger collectively than any one of us is alone. Advocacy means ensuring you can practice your profession and get paid fairly for your services.

  2. PRACTICE GROWTH - Position yourself for even greater success.

    The next generation of optometry is about innovation, adaptation and speed of change. Practice growth means you are positioned now and in the future for your success.

  3. PRACTICE EFFICIENCY - Increase your revenue while reducing costs.

    Nearly one in three optometrists say they are not busy enough and could see more patients. Practice efficiency means putting more patients in the chair.

  4. NETWORKING - Expand your career while helping others.

    OD employment is expected to grow 24% by 2018 and, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than half of those jobs are gained through networking. Networking means connecting with colleagues, building new relationships and sharing your professional expertise.

  5. COMMUNITY SERVICE & VOLUNTEERISM - Give back and make a difference.

    Association members make a difference through AOA’s VISION USA, InfantSEE® and Healthy Eyes Healthy People® programs. Community service and volunteerism means you can make a difference.

 MOA Member Benefits:

  • Receive the official publication, The Michigan Optometrist Magazine.

  • Exclusive MOA member benefits with Think About Your Eyes, AOA MORE and AXA retirement planning services
  • Keep up-to-date with Email alerts including the LookAround newsletter, legislative updates, event registration alerts and MORE!

  • Access to exclusive member content on the

  • Access to the MOA Membership Guide which contains the Michigan Rules of Optometry and contact information for all MOA members.

  • Build relationships with state legislators through MOAPAC.

  • Become a part of Grassroots Optometry (GO!) which organizes local political involvement for optometrists.

  • Become media trained and help educate the public about eye health and optometry through public relations efforts.

Members of the MOA and AOA speak your language, share a common bond and a loyalty to the optometric profession.  When you're an association member, you're part of our family.

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