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MOA Member Benefit: Unlock savings to everyday items in your practice How to stop paying full price on items in your practice

MOA members can receive double-digit discounts through AOAExcel’s group purchasing program. With no cost to join the program and no spending threshold to maintain participation, group purchasing can benefit your practice in several ways.


MOA Member Benefit: "HIPAA Compliant Communications for Your Optometry Practice” Webinar

Effectively communicating with your patients is becoming increasingly important to providing quality care. With numerous phone calls and e-mails sent from a practice on a given day, the risk of accidently disclosing patient information is constantly growing.


Four Ways to Write a Better Career Center Post

If you’re looking to hire an associate optometrist, or even a partner in your practice, you’ve likely considered posting an ad through an industry resource like the AOA’s Optometry’s Career Center.


Member Benefit: “Prioritizing Cyber-Security and HIPAA Compliance” Bootcamp

In today's digital age, addressing key cyber-security and compliance requirements is now more important than ever as compliance and security go hand-in-hand in protecting your practice. Creating an effective cyber-security and compliance program gives you the tools that you need to document your processes and assess any areas of vulnerability that could lead to potential security incidents and violations.


License Renewals Begin on May 6 this Year

Optometrists renewing their license this year are requested to take special note of the adjusted timeline in 2019. Traditionally, optometrists had 90 days to renew beginning on April 1 each year. However, with the launch of the new MiPlus system this summer, this year, the renewal period for licensees will be from May 6 to June 30.


New Year, New Opportunities - Opportunities for ODs and Practices Looking for Top Talent

With a new year brings new opportunities and one of the best times of the year to hire a doctor of optometry.  AOAExcel’s Optometry’s Career Center saves you time and gives your career posting maximum visibility with ODs.  Don’t sift through piles and piles of unqualified candidates, Optometry’s Career Center targets qualified candidates from across the country. 


New MOA Member Benefit: Save on cell phones, office supplies, and more

Access double-digit discounts with vendors you know and trust to provide everyday items for your optometry practice with the new group purchasing program from AOAExcel. Group purchasing provides an easy way to reduce your overhead expenses by leveraging the purchasing volume from thousands of health care facilities to negotiate discounts with vendors including Verizon, Staples, BioD, Office Depot and more.


CEXpress is coming to southeast MI - Register today!

CEXpress is coming to southeast MI! Join us on Sunday, March 3, 2019 at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle in Detroit and earn up to 8 hours of COPE approved CE.


Congratulations to the 2018 MOA Award Winners

On Wednesday, February 6, 2019 the MOA will honor the 2018 MOA Award Winners during the Awards Luncheon. The awards program is part of the MOA Winter Seminar. The luncheon and program will be held at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing in Big Ten A. Congratulations to our winners!


Claims-made vs. Occurrence: Which malpractice insurance is right for me?

When comparing professional liability insurance providers, it makes sense to look at scope of coverage, premium amount and policy limits to make an informed decision. Another important detail that can sometimes be overlooked — is the policy claims-made or occurrence coverage?


MOA Members: Download Your Complimentary HIPAA Compliance Checklist!

With HIPAA violations, fines, and data breaches making headlines day after day, the average patient is more educated about HIPAA compliance and data security than ever before. HIPAA compliance can strongly differentiate your practice by demonstrating to your patients that you take their data security and privacy seriously — all while fulfilling your federal requirements.


Complete the state required Human Trafficking course Feb. 6th

Licensees that renewed in 2017 must complete training by renewal in 2019. Licensees that renewed in 2018 must complete training by 2020.